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Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is a very economical way to secure and conceal cargo on your ute tray or deck. When the tarp is stretched out, it keeps items out of the sun, rain and dirt plus it provides extra security from prying eyes by keeping personal items out of sight.

Tonneau Covers - Custom or OEM

Whether you’re after a custom tonneau cover or a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) tonneau, we can provide you with the knowledge and assistance so you make an informed well educated decision on what is right for you. This makes the right cover a wise and worthwhile investment.

The most common style that we make is the roll up tonneau, which is made from high performance, double coated, UV resistance vinyl or cloth (PVC). By using a steel bow at appropriate points we create a tight cover whilst giving you the added advantage of being able to carry odd shapes and sizes unlike a hard top ute cover.

Truck Canopy Manufacturing

Tell us what you need. Along with ute covers we can craft you a truck canopy or pick-up cover to suit your individual needs. With many different outdoor fabrics available there’s one that will be perfect for you. We can also cut around roll bars and install the cover in different ways just so it works for you best.

Depending on your needs and the style of your pick-up, truck deck or ute you have a number of options in the way that the ute tarp is connected. At our Auckland workshop we can secure your tonneau cover without the possibility of scratches to your paintwork, bungy cord or wholes in your well side. Using more contemporary fixings creates a sleek up-market look yet you still will have the security you’d expect from a quality tonneau.

Advantages of a Tonneau Cover

The advantages of a Super Trim tonneau or truck canopy are:

  • Quality construction and design so your investment lasts
  • Protection from the elements: sun, rain, snow, leaves, dirt and dust helping your ute deck last longer
  • Security from opportunist thieves and prying eyes. Keeping your personal affects safe.
  • A stylish and streamlined look that can set your vehicle a part and make you look more professional
  • Super quick to install and remove, making it easy to access your tray and add more items

Contact Super Trim now by email about your tonneau cover requirements or phone Auckland 443 7400.

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