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Car Carpet

Car carpet made to suit

They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone – and that is certainly the case with car carpet. Every day we jump into our cars, van and trucks and don’t give much thought to what lies under our feet. Unlike house carpet, automotive carpets are made from specially mould resilient materials, and are moulded to fit your specific car. Because we are auto upholstery specialists, we can re-carpet your vehicle by sewing and shaping it to your car’s body or we often use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car carpet or those that are made specifically for that automotive shape. These carpets are originally created using a factory press that follows the vehicles mould.

It doesn’t matter if your car is NZ new, a classic car, a modern European vehicle, a Japanese import or American muscle car, you can get the best quality car upholstery job completed at Super Trim at a fair price and on time.

At Super Trim you can choose the type of look and feel or truck, ute or car carpet you’d like and we can install your custom car carpet in either cut pile or loop style and in a variety of colours. When combined with quality underfelt, you get superior insulation which helps to block road noise and to keep you warm in your car. You certainly would miss it if it wasn’t there!

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Auto interior specialists

While it’s easy to keep the outside of your car looking clean, keeping your car carpet in tip-top shape needs a bit more thought. Car mats can help reduce not only the amount of cleaning you need to do inside your, car but can also protect your automotive interior. If you own a vehicle that requires custom mats, we can make them for you in suitable colours to match your car’s interior.

Carpet for classic cars

Given that often OEM style carpets aren’t available for classic cars, we can custom replace your carpet complete with sewn seams, heel inserts, vinyl bound edging, and gear stick or brake handle boots so that it’s looks just like new, like it had come out of the factory that day.


Superb service and craft. The trim panels you did for me look great.


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