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Soft Tops & Top Roofs

Convertible and soft top repairs or replacements 

Soft tops are a great way to enjoy the open road and driving around Auckland on a sunny day. Not only does a convertible car look great, the feeling of driving with no roof is fantastic.

At Super Trim, we’re Auckland’s auto upholstery experts and we’re also the auto upholsterers Auckland convertible and soft top owners call for repairs or replacements because convertible and soft tops are one of our specialties.

We’ve been manufacturing and repairing convertible tops and soft top cars, like the one you own, for more than four decades. If quality construction, fabric and installation are important factors when choosing an Auckland car upholstery company, then you’re in the right place. Phone 09 443 7400.

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There are two main factors that affect the price of your soft top and they are:

  • Your type of car / complexity of the roof
  • Your choice of automotive fabric

Because of the wind pressure your car comes under when driving on the main road, it’s very important that your soft top is made properly. The last thing you need is to be on holiday or on the way to work and have your top split apart, tear open or even fly off. We don’t compromise on quality and believe you shouldn’t have to either, so call 09 4437 400 now for a quote.

Convertible top installation

Along with removing, repairing or replacing your soft top, our Auckland team of skilled car upholsterers will re-install it correctly, insuring years of trouble-free use. Your new top isn’t outsourced, but either comes from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or is made at our workshop by qualified, experienced auto trimmers. We the car upholsterers Auckland convertible lovers call because they know they get the highest standard of workmanship and the very best value for money.

At our North Shore workshop, we offer full convertible top replacement packages which include new convertible tops, hold down cables, tacking strips, pads and headliners.

Our focus is to make your convertible top purchase as simple and as easy as possible. There’s no mystery about what’s required, and we can show you in-house a portfolio of our past jobs so you’ll see what level of craftsmanship we deliver, and you will now receive. Also you can view and touch the different auto fabric range on offer.

Your one-stop shop for convertible tops and upholstery

We’re the auto upholsterers Auckland convertible owns go to for one-stop convertible top and upholstery repair and replacement. Along with soft tops, we carry out car carpet replacement, car seat repairs and more.

To discuss your requirements and obtain a free quote give our auto upholstery workshop a call now on 09 4437 400 or make an online soft top enquiry via email.

Soft top repair

If you need a convertible roof repair, it’s best to deal with the issue quickly rather than you wait and have the damage continue and therefore need to replace the whole top. Convertible roof replacement is something that needs to be undertaken by an experienced car upholsterer like the team at Super Trim. Some other people think a quick repair may do the job, however we’re sure you’d rather not have to pay again and again to have it re-repaired. The last thing you need is to experience a wind draft or have water gush in onto you when you’re driving. Get your soft top repair done properly the first time.

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Soft top maintenance

Convertible tops can get damaged due to UV degradation and the harsh effects of the Auckland climate. Tops tend to get stained, faded, shrink and crack over a period of time with prolonged use. At Super Trim we can advise you on the best way to care for your soft top, insuring a long lasting, wise investment.

As a convertible car owner, you may have noticed that finding the perfect soft top in Auckland and quality prompt customer service isn’t always easy. We know that your car is an integral part of your life and that’s why our auto upholsterers work quickly to get you back on the road. You won’t be stuck for days without a car which can be really frustrating. We work quickly to minimize hassles to you.

Whatever time frame we quote you is when your convertible will be ready. No un-necessary waiting or hassles. To get your job underway or receive a no obligation quote call 09 4437 400 or send us an email about your convertible top.

The auto upholsterers Auckland Insurance companies approve of

Because we’re one of Auckland’s top car upholstery companies, we’re approved by insurance companies to replace your damaged convertible roof top. And yes, we have a large range of convertible roof tops in stock at our Auckland workshop on the North Shore.

Convertible roof replacement

Though convertible roof types vary widely, there are several common characteristics. Original convertibles featured roofs that were detachable and/or demountable. Because of our length of time in the upholstery industry we’ve dealt with most if not all types of soft tops, this means we can often replace your soft top more cost competitively than other Auckland car upholstery companies on the North Shore and in greater Auckland.

We either have in stock or especially order in soft-top vinyl, canvas or other auto textile fabrics. It’s a case of knowing what style of car you have and what solution will best suit your car and your budget.

More recently convertibles have been known and marketed under several different names due to the convergence of body styles over the last few years. You may of heard a soft-top convertible called a rag top, cabriolet or cabrio, although two-seater soft tops often retain the name roadster, referring to the cars body style.

We repair auto upholstery in all makes and models

Along with classic and vintage cars we work on cars like the Volkswagon Beetle, Mazda MX5, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Saab, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi Cabriolet, Roadster and Spyder, BMW M3 Convertible, Bently, Jaguar, Mini Cooper, Volvo and more.

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An amazing job guys.

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We’re the auto upholsterers Auckland convertible and soft top owners call for repairs or replacements because they’re our specialty. Contact us now by email to discuss your convertible upholstery requirements or give us a call. We’re based on Auckland’s North Shore and we’re open 5 days a week. 

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